Friday, March 4, 2011

FSSP Plans for Houston Apostolate Move Forward

My sincere thanks to Mr. Jon Merrill for passing along this information.

Fr. Van Vliet has provided the following update to the status of our attempts to establish a Traditional Mass Apostolate in Houston.

If you wish to make a contribution please refer to the FSSP Website  ( identify "Houston Apostolate" on all donations to ensure they are correctly routed.

Dear Faithful in the Houston area:
I am writing to give you an update on the progress for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter presence in the Houston area. Things have been progressing slower than most probably had hoped for, but the good news is that there is still progress. At this stage, everything is looking good for the FSSP to move forward with locating this new apostolate on the property that Betty White is donating for this purpose. For those familiar with the St. Nicholas Project, we have been in discussions with them and progress is being made there also. Two weeks ago we sent a letter to his Eminence, Cardinal Di Nardo, to give him an update and to have a written agreement to confirm his verbal agreement previously given. We received his positive response, and therefore, the negotiations with the developer to the North can continue since we will require a wider right of way to the property than the present allowance in the subdivision. The Developer has agreed in principle with our proposal for creating the right of way, but final agreements and documentation have to be obtained. The land will have to be surveyed and further negotiations with the Municipal Utilities District to the South will continue. There are probably other steps that fit in between there, but once all the permits and agreements are made, we will be in a position to develop our own plans for the property, which will require significant funds in place before construction can begin. Given the time it has taken to get this far, you can imagine that the other permits and agreements are going to take some time also, but do not despair, we are making progress. In the meantime, we need to raise funds to secure the access road to the property, the permits, the required surveys and such to ensure that the property is accessible and can be developed for the intended purpose. I would like to thank once again Betty for the donation of the property, and Jerry Tipps for his time and expertise, as well as all those who have contributed thus far either with a donation or their valuable time. My hope is to make another short visit in the near future to help secure all the permits and begin arranging for my moving to Houston once the elements mentioned above are in place, though the earliest would be late summer. May God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers, particularly at the altar.
In Christo Domino Nostro,
Rev. Charles Van Vliet, FSSP

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