Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Hate to See Him Grow Up

I'm reading aloud again from Ralph Moody's "Little Britches" series, this time A Horse of a Different Color. I'm feeling sad because it is the last book in the series and because I know that at the end of this book our hero up and marries a city girl, leaving ranching behind forever to go work for a big corporation. How could he do that to us?

Men do that, though: drop everything they love, to do what will support a family. I pray that Nathaniel will be able to find something he loves to do that will support his family well. I see him moving so close to where we are with Ralph Moody in the book. I don't know about the city girl part, but I see him becoming so independent, so capable. He's good at fixing things like his daddy is.


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