Monday, April 28, 2008

Texas, Give the FLDS Children Back

Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy.

Read the local newspaper or watch the 6:00 TV news, and it will be abundantly clear that our nation is not holy. The state of Texas is no exception. The whole idea of Texas CPS taking anyone's children for the reasons given in the FLDS case is absurd. It presupposes that the government of Texas functions under a moral code, that this moral code is superior, and that the state of Texas can provide a better, safer environment for the children. Read this story in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Watch this video:

"Well, there were pregnant 14-year-olds in that polygamist cult," you say. Well, there are pregnant 14-year-old girls in the public schools, lots of them, and I would hazard a guess based on TV news reports that many of them got that way at school, during school hours. Here's a link to a Washington Post story on the extent of nationwide sex abuse by teachers in public schools:

The sexual escapades are not limited to teachers with students. Students with other students is also widely reported, but the Washington Post article I read was too disturbing to link here.

"But they're polygamists!" you insist. Yes, and what do you call all the men who father children by several welfare mothers? Deadbeats, I guess. The polygamist fathers are supporting their wives and children. The FLDS mothers have more children because they love them, not because they are going to get a bigger government subsidy. Leave the FLDS families alone. Let's go after the real criminals, our politicians and giant corporations (especially the pharmaceutical ones), and work on restoring the social reign of Christ the King.

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Anonymous said...

Have you read "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop? She tells her harrowing tale of getting out of the FLDS and makes a good case for children to be removed from that dangerous environment.