Friday, April 25, 2008

Update to "Pepper Dancing to Achy Breaky Heart"

It hit me the other day that Pepper the dancing dog could not have done the same dance routine with a lady who was wearing a dress. His routine required him to weave in and out of his partner's legs.

That revelation made me remember how pleasant it is for me to watch couples dance when only the man is wearing pants. The silhouette is so much more beautiful. One senior couple stood out at the Czech Spring Fest because the woman wore a softly pleated full skirt that billowed when she twirled. She was in her late 60s I would guess, and I sat entranced as she and her husband glided around the dance floor. Does it have something to do with the balance of positive and negative spaces? Is there just too much negative space to make it visually appealing when both partners wear pants? Or does a woman wearing a dress enforce the whole notion of the man's God-ordained leadership role and cause a wellspring of affirmation to rise up in me?

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