Saturday, June 7, 2008

Future Egg Layers of America Meet, Discuss Corn Prices

DAYTON--Thirty members of the Future Egg Layers of America (FELA) convened an emergency meeting Monday to decide how the group would deal with the skyrocketing price of corn and corn products. Unanimously deciding that families should grow their own corn, they immediately implemented a program to facilitate the move away from the factory farm model. The members spent time Thursday and Friday on their community service project: "Don't Poo-poo the Benefits of Manure", fertilizing the boxes where future crops will be planted.

Nathaniel and Emma Haught represented 4-Him 4-H at the FELA community service project. Miss Haught dug a miniature pond and filled it with water to keep the FELA members hydrated and to allow the two duckling guests to go snorkeling.
At a press conference today, Ima Biddy, FELA president, announced that FELA is funding a marketing campaign called, Splendor in the Grass. The goal of the campaign is to heighten consumer awareness of the benefits of pastured poultry.

In other FELA news, Seetha Cutechick joined Biddy to confirm market reports that local goat milk is selling for the same price as the rest of the Houston-area, $10 per gallon, more than twice as much as diesel fuel but much more soothing to the gizzard.

Mourning for our last flock is officially over. We got 15 Barred Rocks and 15 Aracaunas on Monday, plus 4 1/2 ducklings. The feed store had one duckling in a plastic dish waiting to die. He was the 1/2. The chicks had been pecking him. Emma wanted to take him home and nurse him if they would give him to us. They did. Then we felt sorry for four other ducks that looked puny compared to the rest. We decided to take those, too. We had to fork over $4 apiece for them.

Emma fed the 1/2 duck with a syringe, got him warm and let him experience grass and sun. He died about 4 hours later. Two of the puny $4 ones died by the next morning. The other two seem to be thriving.

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