Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Precious Mem'ries, How They Render!

My big sister Beverly recommended that I visit a blog she just discovered called Homesick Texan. She found it while searching for a good refried bean recipe.

Well, as usual, she was right. I really like this blog. I read the strawberry shortcake post, then scrolled down and found How to Render Lard

Homesick Texan mentioned how repulsed she was at first by the mere idea of lard, a.k.a. pig fat.

Immediately I had a Vietnam-era flashback!

I was standing in the midst of a warzone, only it wasn't in Vietnam, it was an oh-so-nasty, burned-out, trashed-up trailer, not far from my childhood home in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. I was about ten years old, and I was staring in fascinated horror at a gallon jar clearly labeled "LARD".

I think Beverly was with me; we trespassed regularly in those days in search of adventure. At any rate, I know I returned to this dump--ooooh, yuck! I just had a smell memory--just for the cheap but delicious thrill of seeing THE LARD JAR one more time.

Thank goodness I grew up in a neighborhood without zoning! Otherwise my life might have been as bland as original Crisco.

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