Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hatty Birthday

We celebrated Herb and Nathaniel's June 30th birthday for two days. On Sunday we brunched elegantly at the Hotel Galvez in Galveston with Herb and Nathaniel's Schola buddy, Mickey. Mickey's birthday was June 27th. The champagne was scrumptious, the piano playing divine.

Monday, Herb and Nathaniel golfed at Tour 18, then returned home in time for Oreo ice cream cake and presents. Nathaniel and Emma presented Herb with a hat, and he loved it! The hat is a Stetson "Andover". Here is the description from DelMonico Hatter: "A Florentine Milan Straw Hat from Stetson. The brim on the hat shown is Sand color and the crown is Beige. The Stetson Andover is also available in Grey/Black which is a Grey crown and a Black brim. The hat has a sculptured hat band that goes perfectly with the brim and crown colors. The brim width is 2 1/4" and the crown has a pinch in it. We think that this is a very handsome straw hat, it looks well on our customers."

Emma had Herb review the hat etiquette graphic that I had posted on the refrigerator.

After he got it back from Nathaniel, he wore it the rest of the night, and that included going to the May Community Center to watch Nathaniel and Emma square dance. It was their second night of lessons.

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