Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Supporters and the "Pre-viable Fetus"

At the Farmer's Market on Saturday I stopped to listen to live music played and sung by a man and woman. It was lovely, and as usual with me, caused me to feel a certain kinship with the musicians. I was disconcerted, though, when I realized that the man was wearing an "Obama" ball cap. Then I realized the lady had pinned an "Obama" button to her top.

This shook me up. Once again, I realized how naive I am--how easily I float along in a dream world, attaching my own belief system to everyone who seems to be of good will.

I saw the lady smile at a young boy and tell him that she liked his hat. I remembered Obama's position that abortion survivors should not be given medical care. I tried to picture this friendly lady with the beautiful voice standing by while a baby was left to die. I couldn't. I don't think that she could do it. I pray that she could not do it.

But if she could not. . .

How can she then vote for Obama?

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