Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prepare to be Blessed: Teaching Thanksgiving

I have been looking for a systematic way to teach Emma how to manage a household. We have dabbled in the Fly Lady system, but it really is geared to the adult and is mostly about cleaning/decluttering. I have come very close to buying a home economics program written by the Mennonites, but I chicken out every time because I am loath to spend the $39 without being able to preview it. So we continue struggling along without a comprehensive plan.

Now the holidays are coming, and I have been thinking about Emma in her future home, planning her first Thanksgiving dinner. How do I prepare her so that she may bless her family with a delicious meal and a lovely table without being stressed, like I was the first time that I did it? Well, I happened upon a Martha Stewart "Classic Thanksgiving" DVD at the dollar store for $3, and it includes demonstrations, printable recipes, table settings and decorating ideas, etc. We previewed it on Sunday and recouped our $3 investment in just one segment: "Turkey 101". The DVD is supposed to have a planner included, but I could not access it, and I could not find it on the Martha Stewart website either: The DVD is several years old--that's why it's being sold in the dollar store, I'm sure. Luckily, Martha's planner turned up on a Google search. It's a simple, one-page guide. You can find it here. I've printed it, and I will go over it with Emma today.

Here is a link to another Thanksgiving planner from Better Homes and Gardens. Thankfully, both of the planners that I have linked begin with early November. I was afraid that Martha Stewart's planner might start with, "July: Plant your flower seeds for your Thanksgiving centerpiece, and move your turkey poults to fresh pasture." Instead she says to order your fresh turkey and centerpiece. Whew!

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