Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Building Blocks of Western Music

My husband has nine Libers: a '53, a '58, a '61, five '62s, and most recently, a '63 in new condition. The ninth one is loaned out. Herb's schola buddy, Mickey, has ten and says, "It will be a cold day in. . ." before he lets Herb catch up to him. Actually, they take turns bidding on Libers on ebay. Nathaniel uses one of the '62s, but the rest. . .maybe they're for a future generation. Maybe we'll have a schola of grandchildren! If not, then there is always the possibility that Herb and Mickey will open the first Liber Museum of Southeast Texas.


Emily G. said...

That's cute that they compete over who has the most. Only a Trad!

All those Libers look like they're in pretty good shape.

Wendy Haught said...

Thanks for writing, Emily. Mickey and Herb are funny about their competition. I know they'll appreciate your describing it as "cute"!

Yes, the Libers are all in good shape, except one that has a little water damage.