Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for grandparents! This picture was taken this past June, but the Haught grandparents are here again. Nathaniel and Emma are really enjoying them. We took two cars out to eat last night. Herb, Grandma Haught, Emma and I got to the restaurant first. When Nathaniel and Grandpa drove up, they were both laughing about something. Too cute!

Emma is working on preparing the Thanksgiving meal. She didn't get to follow the Martha Stewart Thanksgiving planner because of circumstances beyond her control. That is life, though, and just as important to learn as the rest of it. Because she was behind schedule, she had a small nervous breakdown on Tuesday when she was making her shopping list. But she recovered nicely. Yesterday she ran down to Grandma Somerset's to learn how to make Grandma's cranberry salad.

Last night Emma worked on perfecting the technique for braided pie crust. I made her go to bed before it was finished!

Today, in addition to cooking the turkey, etc., she will work with Grandma Haught to learn how to make Grandma's yummy candied sweet potatoes. More pictures later!

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