Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scenes from a Mother-Daughter Campout

Here is our cozy tent for two by the lake of shining waters. We arrived Friday afternoon and left Saturday afternoon. We packed light--no cooking stuff except a hot pot for making hot chocolate and coffee. We lived on bread, cheese, ham, apples, grapes, bananas, carrots, and chocolate.
Emma had just taken out her braids early Saturday morning to reveal BIG HAIR. It wilted, thank goodness, as the humidity rose during the day.
Emma and a friend enjoyed a chat over cups of hot peppermint tea--on the rocks. Later, this rock barrier was where Emma pretended to be a mermaid as she brushed her hair--"a mermaid on the Irish coast who was modest," is how it was explained to me. Her beret and shawl came in handy for skits.

After it warmed up a bit, the older girls explored the park. . .

all the way down to the horse stables.
Too bad I didn't get any pictures of the girls posing as ships' figureheads. "It was fun," Emma assured me.
Pretending to be orphaned sisters in Ireland: Eileen and Irene. They had the Alan Breck character from Kidnapped rescue them. He (she) took the picture. On Friday night, they had acted out a rescue scene from Quentin Durward, where a fainting damsel in distress is rescued by Quentin from a chapel in a castle.

The water is just irresistable.
To infinity and beyond!

Our group's tents are in the background. We also occupied several screened shelters.

After walking, biking, acting, and playing tag, it was time for a relaxing game of cards in the shade.

And what did the moms do during all this time?

Talk, talk, talk.


Emily G. said...

Looks like you had a great time. It's nice to see mothers and daughters spending time together like that. Maybe if more of it went on, the world would have less problems.

Wendy Haught said...

Yes, it was wonderful fun. We're ready to go again and stay longer. Next time we want to do a lot of cooking in our cast iron dutch oven. Maybe we'll take a batch of your noodles!