Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Vocation of Wife and Mother

When I married, I did not know how to cook. When I had Nathaniel, I did not know how to care for a baby. I especially did not know how to care for a baby and cook and clean at the same time. I did not know how to be happy at home. I had prepared to be a career woman, not a homemaker. All my failures are my incentive for teaching Emma now how to cook, clean, sew etc. Reading Why Motherhood is So Much Harder Than it Ought to Be brought back a flood of memories and renewed my determination to prepare Emma as best I can for a life at home.

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Emily G. said...

You are doing a great thing for Emma. She probably will not fully appreciate it until she is a wife and mother herself and hears the complaints of her clueless peers. I am very grateful to my mother for teaching me how to keep a house and care for children. I hear many expressions of astonishment and envy that I'm able to do such things, and often from women much older than myself (who still haven't figured it out!) Especially now that I am pregnant, I hear a lot from women who are shocked that I, at my young age, am having a child. People keep asking me if I'm scared. "You know, what are you going to do with a baby?" Well, be a mother to it is the obvious answer. Many women in today's world don't know how to do that, though.