Saturday, December 13, 2008

Learning the Language of Snow: The Total Immersion Method

Our family is still recovering from the wonder of a five-inch snowfall in our little southeast Texas town. The Houston news channels reported that there were approximately 500 accidents in Harris County because of the icy roads (and general giddiness). Even the reporters couldn't resist building snowmen and throwing snowballs while they were on the air. Here at home, Emma wore herself out learning the language of snow.It all started Wednesday night.


After a couple of hours of running in and out, often barefoot, she collected enough snow to make a miniature snowman, which she put in a glass, covered with Tropical Hibiscus juice, and consumed right gustily.

The next morning she made the customary snow angel.

The snow angel now looks like a snow ballerina. I guess when she got up, she slid down the side of the ditch, creating "legs".

She rolled, and rolled, and rolled.

Then she scooped small mountains of snow out of the back of Nathaniel's truck and put them on her head.

Late Thursday morning we drove to the store. Emma rolled the window down and scooped snow off the hood and stuffed it in her mouth. In between mouthfuls, she expressed astonishment at all of the pristine snowy yards. "These people haven't been out in the snow!"

Imagine that.

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