Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cheerfully Pink

I admire this website for taking a subject that no one really wants to deal with and making it attractive. Fun even. The subject? Food storage.

Here in Hurricane Country, we're pretty familiar with the idea, but we tend to put it off until summer. It's really something that needs to be worked on year-round.

I always start with chocolate bars. You can never have too much in stressful situations. Unlike rice and beans, you won't get tired of eating them if your natural disaster doesn't show up. And they make you feel happy.

One of my other favorite food storage items is peanut butter. Luckily, it goes great with chocolate bars. Unluckily, the salmonella threat nixes any plans for stocking up on it right now. In the past, we have roasted raw peanuts and whipped them into peanut butter in the food processor. We may do that again. Of course, almond butter is good, and the Californians could sure use the money.

Thanks to for bringing this site to my attention.

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