Friday, January 9, 2009

The Good Stuff: Cramming It All In

Our spring semester is really getting packed with homeschool supplementals. Nathaniel is registered for four classes at the community college following a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. He will take a class on the US and Texas Constitutions, Music Literature, College Choir, and Weight Lifting. Then there is the French cooking class on Monday afternoon and plane building each evening.

Emma will have the cooking class and ballet on Monday, sewing with our next door neighbor on Wednesdays, ballet and pointe on Thursday, and watercolor class at the May Community Center on Friday mornings. She is also set to observe an intermediate tap dancing class next week. If she likes it, she will go there after sewing each week.

Yesterday, Emma's friends, Marissa and Carina, spent the afternoon in our kitchen baking cream scones. Then they adjourned to Emma's bower with the scones and the tea kettle. While they were there they planned a series of get-togethers. I have been informed that they will alternate between afternoons of sewing, baking, and dramatic performance. Carina and Marissa are also taking the watercolor class on Friday mornings. Maybe they can come here Friday afternoons. The girls took this picture of themselves:

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