Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Preparing French Onion Soup While Mastering the Art of Rubbing the Puppy With One's Foot

The soup was delicious, just a trifle sweet from the carmelized onions. The most interesting thing we learned was that the flavor of the beef stock can vary widely depending on the meat. We cooked one with "natural" beef bones (no hormones or antibiotics) that Gayle had procured from Whole Foods, I believe. We cooked another batch with grassfed beef soup bones that I got when I bought a side of beef last summer from a family in our homeschool group. Each one of us thought that the store beef tasted like chicken. We were amazed when we tasted the grassfed beef stock. I truly expected it to taste the same as the other. The grassfed beef stock tasted beefy, even before we added any seasonings. Gayle did add part of a roast to her stock. Maybe that diluted the flavor from the bones?

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