Saturday, January 3, 2009

She Said the Big No-no

Nathaniel and Emma and I met a bunch of new people at a dance last night.

Emma was wearing a pretty linen shirtdress, a cameo necklace, and pumps. She had a ribbon in her hair. You could tell she was weird just by looking at her. Then during the small talk after the initial introductions, a lady asked Emma what degree she would pursue after home school.

"I want to get married," Emma said quietly but without hesitation.

Except for the sharp intake of air from our interlocutors, there was a stunned silence, followed by:

"oh," and some shifty eye movements.

Do I need to mention that it was awkward?

I realized that I needed to have a little talk with Emma. On the way home I told her that she needed to practice fielding these questions about her future.

"I know, Mom," Emma said earnestly. "I've already thought about it. From now on I'm going to tell them that I am studying to be a ballerina."

I stifled the urge to laugh. "Emma, you need to come up with an answer that is truthful but non-controversial such as, "I'm interested in historical costume design."

Today, I'm wondering why I didn't jump into the awkward silence at the dance and say, "Isn't that wonderful? I'm so proud of my daughter. She not only wants to marry, she wants to stay home and raise a big family for the greater glory of God."

Emma doesn't need to practice fielding questions about her future. I do.

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