Thursday, January 8, 2009

They Made a Liar Out of Me

The store I went to last night did not have the Mexican King Cakes, so I bought another of the French ones. When I opened the box, I discovered that the baby was actually already hidden. Boy, did I feel silly after all that I wrote on Epiphany about bakeries not hiding the baby anymore and taking the fun out of eating King Cake.

I did feel a little better when I cut the cake and realized that they had lied about the filling. It was not cream cheese like the box said. It was cinnamon. I just had another piece with my coffee. It's still cinnamon. Very good cinnamon.

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Emily G. said...

I've heard of the tradition of a king cake but I have never seen or eaten one. They are not sold around here. I wonder if it was never a widespread tradition, or if only certain areas of the US ever observed it. Maybe it's just a southern thing. I live in Ohio.