Thursday, January 8, 2009

What I Hate About My Blog

I hate looking back and reading about projects that were actually underway and realizing that they were never completed. Ugh!

On the top of my ugh! list is the beehive. Emma was almost finished with it when she ran out of the little finishing nails. She asked her dad to get her some more. Every time he tried, the bin at the hardware store would be empty. He tried several stores. None. Then she went to camp; we had a couple of hurricanes, and we all just kind of forgot about the beehive.

The other day I remembered it and asked Herb to check again for the nails. The bin was still empty, but he looked in the picture-hanging supplies and found a package of the precious nails. Yippee! We'll be back in the beehive saddle again.

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