Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hans Kung Says Benedict Unteachable, Obama Would Make a Better Pope

There are so many disturbing contradictions in the Church today. Good priests like Fr. McLucas, formerly of Latin Mass magazine, lose their canonical faculties. Then we have priests like Hans Kung, who is still, apparently, a priest in good standing.

I discovered Kung's latest proclamation about Pope Benedict at Catholic Family News. I followed a couple of links to arrive here: Religion Dispatches article by Rosemary Ganley.

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Anonymous said...

Every pope since John XXIII has indeed taken considerable steps in reversing the reforms since the esteemed Vatican II. John Paul II probably did more than any other in his attempts to invalidate those reforms. Vatican II will take hold, as reform always does and may take a generation or so. As for Benedict, he was known as the grand inquisitor under John Paul II, silencing many liberation theologians, including Boff, as well as others like Schillebeeckx,and Kung. The Catholic church needs to be truly catholic and it's as much King's church as it is mine or Benedict's.

Additionally, when Ratzinger was elected Pope, Kung encouraged everyone to give Benedict a chance. it's been five years and Benendict has blown it. Kung is sadly correct. Benedict has silenced the church's theologians because he, like his predecessor is not open to self criticism, yet he allows a priest who has denied the holocaust to remain a priest. No wonder Kung is speaking out loud and clear. HE HAS TO.