Monday, February 9, 2009

The Hoopla and the Good Bishop

The rants about Bishop Williamson continue, and I don't want to contribute to them by my writing. However, out of justice, I must.

I have learned a lot of good things from Bishop Williamson. Some would say they are outside his realm as bishop but I never saw it that way. I try not to compartmentalize my faith. I try to look at everything through Catholic eyes.

Bishop Williamson has caused me to think more deeply about quite a few subjects--particularly the effects of technology on the family--than I would have done on my own. I have never felt threatened by any of his so-called conspiracy theories, neither have I felt it made him appear less intelligent. I, too, am a questioner. Bishop Williamson's writings are a great treat for me. I love the clarity. To get a sample of his thinking, read this interview with Der Spiegel. Ironically the interviewer sounds like a Gestapo agent. His Excellency does what I can never do. He has the perfect comeback, the Catholic answer for each of the reporter's questions/accusations. I always think of the perfect retort long after the chance to say it has past. Not so with the bishop.

Bishop Williamson always, always, nurtured my Catholic faith, which is a far cry from what I experienced from most of the novus ordo bishops who enjoy good standing and good press.

In Dec. 2007, Bishop Williamson even warned his blog readers about the coming economic catastrophe and gave them specific steps to take to protect themselves. If I remember correctly, Ron Paul was being vilified by the press as a looney for the same warning. I think that Bishop Williamson must care a great deal about people to take the time to write that kind of warning when his time is at such a premium. With only four bishops and more than a million parishioners, each Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) bishop travels the globe to fulfill his duty: confirming, ordaining, teaching, etc. As seminary rector at the SSPX seminary in Minnesota and then the one in Argentina, Bishop Williamson has made an incalculable contribution to saving the traditional Catholic faith by forming good and holy priests.

By definition, a good and holy priest cannot be anti-Semite. He can't be anti anybody.

The same media who hang His Excellency and marginalized Dr. Paul, installed Obama on the throne. It is something to think about as you look at the ones who scream about Bishop Williamson from within the Church itself. What is their real agenda? Why is accepting the "official" number of long-dead Jewish holocaust victims and how they died more important to them than the numbers of living Catholics who would benefit from the speedy regularization of the SSPX?

Is it because what they truly fear is a crime much worse than so-called Holocaust-denial? the crime of "denying Vatican II"? They don't want the discussions that the SSPX requests. They don't want the confusion to end, the Spirit of Vatican II to finally find eternal rest?

The Jews deny Christ came as the Messiah. No one within the Church seems too worried about that. In more than 40 years of dialog, the Jews have not changed their minds. Yet the Church grovels before them. The SSPX is Catholic and has reservations about some of the Vatican II documents that appear to conflict with previous Church teaching. The SSPX is cursed, ridiculed, and shunned.

I have received enormous good from Bishop Williamson, and I am eternally grateful. I pray for him and wish him the best.

I pray also for Pope Benedict. May he overcome the world.

But most of all, I pray for the conversion of the Jews. May they lay down their heavy burden and find the peace of Christ, the Messiah of all.


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