Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nathaniel Makes Pizza with Little Women

Baker Pat Dunn joined our cooking class yesterday to teach Foccacia bread and pizza. We had so much fun, we are planning to get together again on Friday and learn cake decorating.First things first: Pat teaches the students how to calibrate the thermometer.Poking fun in the Foccacia dough.The olive oil gets drizzled into the dimples.Anna cubes the baked Foccacia. . .and samples the seasoned oil.Nathaniel gets ready to arrange the salad on a serving tray. Is he cute or what?Three dough-doughs. Having this much fun is probably illegal.What restraint! Nathaniel somehow resisted his initial urge to toss the dough skyward. Hmmm. He must be coming down with something.Pat says to patch the holes.So gorgeous. . .and so flavorful. The Spice Girls (Emma and Anna) definitely had a hand in seasoning the dressing. Their style is like the music of John Philip Sousa, with extra cymbals.
He's back to normal. Nathaniel pretends to season his pizza with decorator sprinkles.
"This is not pizza. This is vegetables," Nathaniel complained as Gayle passed him the tomato slices.Emma adds even more seasoning as Anna tops her pizza.
Anna and Nathaniel meat in the middle.
Into the oven with Anna's masterpizz.Gayle and Emma create a secret handshake that involves palm oil.Emma made a a smaller, thicker crust.Circles of beauty and good taste. Viva la pizza!


Fotofule said...

This makes me so HUNGRY! YUM!!

Wendy Haught said...

I'm excited that we have leftovers for lunch! Wish you were here.