Monday, February 16, 2009

We had a Ball!

On St. Valentine's Day, in honor of Emmaline's 16th birthday, we hosted an afternoon tea and English Country Dance at our home. Barbara Attema taught and called the dances.

Yesterday Emma and I talked about the wonder of this kind of dancing--how it is especially well received by shy persons--ones we normally would not think of as enjoying this kind of activity. We decided that the format provides them a way to be comfortable while interacting with others. In this way, I suppose, it is like good etiquette, where the prescribed forms help one to relax.

Emma received the most lovely, the most thoughtful gifts. The companionship of these good girls is a true blessing to her and our whole family. I am also grateful for Nathaniel's friendship with Travis. Travis filled the deviled eggs, helped clean and set up for the party, announced the young ladies as they came in, and took pictures. What a delight he is!

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