Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Laetare Sunday Dinner Theatre

Last Sunday night we attended our parish's annual Laetare Sunday Dinner Theatre. Herb's mom and dad are visiting, so Herb's mom went with me, Nathaniel, and Emma. Herb and his dad planned their own evening of steak and an action movie.

The dinner theatre was in our parish hall. It was fabulous as usual. The play was adapted from Tuna, personalized to our parish with a lot of funny one-liners. One of them involved an essay contest in which a real life mother of 14 was said to have written an essay titled, "Birth of a Nation". The audience roared and so did the mom and her family, who were sitting right behind me.

The food was catered, and every dish was hot and flavorful. Teen girls from our parish did an excellent job waiting tables. It was an occasion for Emma to dress up from head to toe in thrift store bargains. . .

and for Nathaniel to cut up with our friend Mickey.


Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the rest of our friends at our table, except the backs of their heads: Anselm and his parents and grandmother. The grandmother just moved here this month from Louisiana. Emma had visited with her after Mass that morning and had fallen in love with her, so she was delighted when Grandmother K. chose to sit by her. Emma told me later that as she sat down, Grandmother K said playfully, "I'm going to sit by Little Miss Glamour."

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