Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Mickey's Kitchen, the Cross is Sweet

On Holy Saturday, we went to Mickey's so that he could show Nathaniel, Emma, Barbara, and Anna how he decorates chocolate crosses for Easter. First, though, Emma, Barbara, and Anna all took Mickey's canoe adventuring around Dickinson Bayou. Emma and Barbara had gone the evening before, first fortifying themselves on the victuals at Mickey's annual Good Friday Backyard Seafood Buffet. Emma ended up in the water after Herb "helped" the girls disembark. So this time, Emma wore her swimsuit. It was a good thing, because she sat in the bottom of the boat, and it took on a fair amount of water.

Mickey uses Wilton decorator icing and demonstrates the vine, leaves, and flowers technique on a paper towel.

The students follow suit. Keeping enough pressure on the tube to prevent gaps in the vine seems to be the hardest part.

After they had completed the paper towel practice, they folded them in half and psycho-analyzed the resulting designs.

See Barbara's beautiful butterfly!

Nathaniel looks innocent, but notice the tube of blue decorator icing in his hands and the strange blue "shadow" on Anna's forearm.

After the students passed the paper towel lesson, Mickey trimmed the crosses that he had molded earlier from Wilton chocolate.

Anna follows instructions.

The finished products. Always the rebel, Nathaniel skipped the vine and leaves, loaded the bottom of his cross with flowers, then wiped them off and substituted three stripes. It's a good, masculine design.

The crosses are allowed to dry for a day or two before being inserted into individual plastic bags and tied with a pretty ribbon.

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