Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pot Luck

Our friend Anna has been dabbling in the import-export business.

First, she took a suitcase full of frozen chicken to her sister in Peru. Then, at Emma's request, she brought Emma back two clay cooking pots. Emma had used one like them during a cooking class and really liked it.

These are Emma's first pieces of cookware for her hope chest. She plans to use them, though, not store them. Anna says she purchased them at the Inka Market. One was about $9 and the other about $6. The smaller one has a lovely flower and vine detail on it that Emma adores.

You have to fill them with water and boil them for several hours before use.


Emily G. said...

Nice pots! Somehow I think the chick didn't come in there, though. Is that one of the ones Emma hatched?

Wendy Haught said...

No, it's one of the chicks that Butter Cream hatched. Emma's expecting her first incubator chicks to hatch on Monday or Tuesday.