Friday, May 15, 2009

My Ecumenical Activities

Rorate-Caeli provides background on a Presbyterian review of the new movie, Angels and Demons. I have not paid the least attention to the movie, so I will be visiting the site. At present, though, I am more interested in Rorate-Caeli's background information.

It is very interesting to me, as I am good friends with a Presbyterian, and we have had wonderful, deep discussions about the differences between what Presbyterians and Catholics believe. Thankfully, we can do that without burning one another at the stake or drawing and quartering! She recognizes that what most Protestants refer to as the "Ancient Church" is, in fact, the Catholic Church. I have many other Protestant friends whose company I enjoy tremendously, but the details of the Faith are never discussed. This may be why we are still friends! No, seriously, I think that as homeschoolers we have many other things in common which naturally come to the forefront in conversation. My children and I have been very blessed by their friendship, and I am grateful for their generous acceptance of us, the only Catholics in the group. We would indeed be lonely (and bitter) without them.

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