Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dancing as a Spiritual Work of Mercy

The Clear Lake English Country Dancers, part of the Houston Area Traditional Dance Society, danced to live music in a sun-drenched atrium Trinity Sunday afternoon to lift the spirits of cancer patients at Houston's Jesse H. Jones Rotary House International Hotel . The hotel, owned by M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, arranges entertainment for its guests as they check in on Sundays. Mrs. Barbara Attema, the head of the Clear Lake group, arranged the performance and called the dances. She worked with Mrs. C. J. Gilson, the head of Kilderkin International Dancers, to plan the dances.

Mrs. Attema gave a short talk explaining the history of English Country Dance and inviting the audience members to join the Clear Lake group when they finished their treatment. She told them that she was a cancer survivor herself and that English Country Dancing had aided in her recovery.

A subgroup of Irish dancers broke out and dazzled everyone with their footwork and energy.

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