Monday, June 15, 2009

I Purely Kilt Her with Embarrassment

Emma took me briskly to task this morning after reading my post Summer and Feeling Overwhelmed.

"MOM!" she scolded. She was so flustered, she couldn't express it properly. Seconds later, another "MOM!"exploded from the core of her injured feminine dignity.

"Yes?" I inquired innocently.

"I like kilts," she explained exasperated. "Just like I like the men's Regency outfits."

"Oh, so the fact that men happen to inhabit the kilts is purely coincidental?" I asked.


I stand corrected.

Drat and double drat! There go my plans to marry her off to a Scottish Country Dancer! And I just saw the photo at right which led me to discover, an online store in Scotland that features a kilt rental service!

Don't look at those men, though! Just the kilts!


David said...

If you would like to direct Emma to my kilt website, she can feast her eyes on many more kilts.

The URL is

Kind Regards,


Wendy Haught said...

Thanks, David. Emma and I visited your kilt site and enjoyed it. We wish you much success!

Emily G. said...

This completely cracked me up. I can just see my mom and I doing the same thing when I was younger. I had a thing for men in kilts....then I married an Italian.

Wendy Haught said...


Of course, I don't know your mom at all, but I see a lot of similarities between you and Emma. I think that's why we enjoy your blog so much. It's kind of like a peek into Emma's future life! Boy, does she get disappointed when you don't post for a while!