Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Learn to Weave: Day 2, Tabby is King!

You can't see it, but Emma is standing on a cloud of euphoria. The majority of the first two days of weaving lessons were occupied with getting the warp ready, and Emma was fairly reserved. The Day 1 post and the first five pictures below show that. Then, when that was finished, the last 45 minutes to an hour of class yesterday, Clarice took Emma into her shop to choose yarn, and Emma started to percolate with excitement.

Emma is following the pattern in her lap to thread the heddles.

On the first class day, Clarice showed Emma two methods for the threading, one easier but slower than the other. Emma adopted the faster method. She said it felt more comfortable because it reminded her of crocheting.

Here she begins sleying the reed.

The warp is tied onto the front apron rod. Then Clarice showed Emma how to run her hand over it to check for even tension.

Gravitating immediately to the pinks and purples, Emma begins choosing her colors. So far, this has been the only part of the weaving lessons that has been difficult for her, because she only had five minutes to choose if she wanted any time to begin weaving before the end of the class day. If left to her own devices, she probably would have spent a half hour or more. As it was, she followed Clarice back to the studio, agonizing over the green thread that she had chosen to go with the pink and purple.

As Clarice set up the thread to be wound onto the bobbin, she explained that someday, because of life experiences, Emma might not care for pink anymore and could possibly come to love orange. Emma was not convinced.

Clarice showed Emma how to wrap a bobbin and insert it in the shuttle, then headed back to the loom with the shuttle in her hand. Emma scurried close behind her and begged, "Can I hold it?" I wish I had a picture of Clarice's face when she heard that. She kind of chuckled and had this "knowing" look. She clearly realized that Emma was consumed with the weaving bug.

The project Emma is working on is a sampler. The first weave Emma learned is the Tabby, and Clarice emphasized that, "Tabby is King!" She had Emma "beat" soft, then hard, to see how it affected the weave.

Several inches of pure satisfaction.

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