Monday, June 22, 2009

Learn to Weave Day 4, Creative Possibilities

These pictures were taken last Thursday. I had hoped that Emma would finish that day, but alas, we must go back tomorrow.
The white "stripes" at the top of the picture above are actually formed by weaving in plastic sticks.

Making chenille the old-fashioned way. Clarice mentioned the Cajuns as one of the groups who traditionally favored this technique.

The strange-looking bunch of white threads in the upper left corner is where Emma learned how to fix the warp after accidentally cutting six threads.

The palette, above and below.

It's fun to see how these different threads/yarns change in appearance when they are woven.

An interesting view. We can't wait to see the sampler hanging on the wall at home.

This stuff is so beautiful and soft.

Little bits of the pink wool are worked randomly into the sampler.

The rag rug technique. Clarice gave Emma strips of indigo-dyed cotton and cochineal-dyed cotton to work into her sampler. Clarice has an indigo-dye pot. I think that she said it takes 44 pounds of indigo leaves to make one ounce of dye. She was going to show us some dying techniques on Friday, but we couldn't go that day.

I forgot the name of this fringe-looking technique. I'll find out tomorrow.

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