Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Little Toasty in Texas

The temperature reached 105 degrees here yesterday. I worried that the eggs being laid in my metal nesting boxes would be baked. Emma begged me to let her give her rabbits a haircut, they were panting so. The water hoses outside and the kitchen faucet inside had to be run for several minutes before we could get water that wasn't hot.

I am eternally grateful to be able to depend on a fellow parishioner, Rudy Reyes of Angelus Mechanical, for air conditioning repair. Our main unit quit working a few days ago while Herb was in California, but I was able to call Rudy and be completely comfortable that he would take care of us, which he did, in both a timely and reasonably-priced manner.


Emily G. said...

How nice to be able to do business with fellow Catholics! I"m glad you were able to get your AC fixed.

Do you have humid heat or dry heat in Texas? It's been in the 90s the past week here in Ohio, but the humidity is 100%, making it truly unbearable.

Wendy Haught said...

Yes, it is wonderful to have Rudy. He even prays Hail Marys while he is in my attic, because he has found two snake skins up there!

We're close to the Gulf Coast, so we are HUMID, but I don't know what the percentages have been. I hate looking at weather forecasts.