Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Priestly Changes at SSPX's Dickinson Priory

Fr. Gregory Post, who has been at Queen of Angels since 1992, will be transferred to Syracuse, NY, this fall where he will join our outgoing pastor, Fr. Stephen Stanich, who is due to leave in August. Fr. Post has been traveling every weekend for years. His current duties include the Memphis-Nashville-Little Rock circuit. He has well earned the "easier load" that our bulletin says the Syracuse assignment promises.

Replacing him will be Fr. Pierre N'dong Ondo from Our Lady of Sorrows Church and Retreat House in Phoenix. He is originally from Gabon, Africa.

Fr. Zendejas, from the St. Ignatius Retreat House in Ridgefield, CT, is still tentatively assigned to replace Fr. Stanich here.

If all stays as planned, not only will we have two Fr. Z's, we may earn the distinction of being the American SSPX chapel with the most unusual priests' names: Fr. Zendejas, Fr. Zigrang, and Fr. N'dong Ondo. Thank goodness for Fr. Peek!

We may also achieve some new spiritual bragging rights: a chapel with two experienced retreat center priests. We have a lot to look forward to in the confessional.

Finally, with Fr. Zendejas being from Mexico and Fr. N'dong Ondo from Africa, we may finally have some priests who can take the Texas heat.

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