Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get Your Grassfed Beef in Southeast Texas

I buy my grassfed beef from a wonderful Christian homeschool family, the Sisks, in Moss Hill, TX. It is fabulous! I talked to Mrs. Sisk this morning, and she says that they will have steers ready this week. The price is $3.25 per pound, hanging weight. This is an incredible value for your food dollar. Call Mrs. Sisk at 936-334-5869 before noon on Friday to reserve yours.

If you are not sure of the benefits of grassfed beef, read this.

Besides being grassfed, the cows are always treated gently and only travel a few miles from their home pasture to the slaughterhouse. Any rambunctious ones are culled. The cows are slaughtered the same day they arrive at Chubby's Packing Company to insure that they are not left in a dry lot. Chubby's takes your custom cutting order and vacuum packs and labels it for you after the meat has aged. They call you when the order is ready to pick up and load it into your coolers. I have been very pleased with their service.

Mrs. Sisk will help put together orders for people who only want a half a cow. Or you can go in together with a friend or family member. That's what my mom and I do.

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