Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reaping Rich Rewards

On the feast day of St. Pius X, whose motto was "To Restore All Things in Christ", I am rejoicing about the increasing numbers of Latin Masses being made available to the faithful around the world. There are two, however, that are especially dear to my heart: Tallahassee, FL, and Montgomery, AL.

These two locations are places I think of as "almost home".

As recently as two years ago, there was one Latin Mass a month in the whole Tallahassee-Pensacola archdiocese. That one monthly Mass at St. Stephen's in Pensacola is now a weekly Mass. The "About Our Parish" in the right sidebar of St. Stephen's homepage is a must-read. It is written by the pastor, Fr. Perez, and he made my heart leap for joy! It is such a relief to know that when we go home to Ft. Walton Beach, we can assist at the old Mass and that it will be celebrated with the right intention. I pray that the new one in Tallahassee will soon be celebrated weekly as well.

The Latin Mass to be celebrated by Fr. Mark Fischer, FSSP, in Montgomery at St. Peter's on September 27, is a one-time event, but Una Voce Central Alabama is working toward attaining a regular celebration. I am confident that this will happen. Any town that can build and support something as wonderful as the Alabama Shakespeare Festival clearly appreciates the good, the true, and the beautiful and will support a regular Latin Mass.

Alabama Shakespeare Festival

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