Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bring Back the Birds

At Sunday's Women's Conference, Fr. Zendejas talked about the role of femininity in man/woman relationships. Basically, he said that the more women lose their femininity, the more men lose their masculinity. Of especial interest to me was his explanation of how they reverse roles. Because woman comes from man, she can not go above him. Instead, when he becomes feminized, she stays in place, and he goes below her.

I threw this information in the mix with something else I have been thinking about: female adornment. I read recently that the Audubon Society was started to help bring about women's suffrage. Women were wearing birds on their hats, and two Boston ladies believed that they would never be taken seriously and win the right to vote if such practices were continued. By starting a campaign to protect birds, they hoped to achieve major social change. (The global warming folks are using this technique to implement one-world government.)

So we took the birds off the hats, the hats off the heads, and in many cases, the hair off the heads. We shucked the gloves, the skirts, the waists and now blithely promenade around town in less than a 19th-century woman's undergarments. Women have the vote, but they are more bird-brained than ever and not nearly as attractive to look at. Truly, I would take much more seriously a disenfranchised fully-dressed woman with a beautiful bird on her hat than a scantily-clad one with tattoos and piercings and a voter registration card. Besides, I never saw women's suffrage as anything but an attack on the Christian family. If the father is the head of the family, does it not make sense that the head should represent the family and vote for them? It is his duty to have their best interests at heart.


Barbara said...

Hi Wendy, This was an excellent post, both Father's comments and your own. I will be signing up for the February Ignatian retreat in Ridgefield CT and am praying that Fr. Zendejas will make a surprise return for a week! You are blessed to have him in Texas.

Wendy Haught said...

Thank you, Barbara. Fr. Zendejas is simply amazing. Fr. Zigrang told me that he is sure that Fr. Zendejas never sleeps.

You are right; we are blessed to have him.