Friday, November 6, 2009

The Story of Sir Roosterlot

And it came to pass that in the days of King Arthur, an exceedingly handsome rooster was brought to the Castle Haught, a rooster so extraordinarily beautiful that an angel from Paradise could not have been more beautiful than he.

Upon the news of his arrival, the princess of that castle betook herself to the royal chicken yard, and so smitten was she by the prisoner's comeliness, that she named him Sir Roosterlot and told him, "Thou shalt be the star of our house and thou shalt shine with such remarkable glory that all the world shall behold thy lustre and shall marvel thereat for all time to come."

So the princess took extraordinary delight in Sir Roosterlot and loved him to the very core of her heart. And there was no rooster in all the world who was his peer in strength of arms or in courtesy of behavior.

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Emily G. said...

He is a handsome one. In all the years I had chickens we never had a rooster than was anything but nasty and mean. They always attacked us. My family's current rooster is no different. This one must really be nobility.