Friday, December 11, 2009

Cheesy Poetry

While perusing cheesemaking supplies online, I stumbled upon a choice tidbit at the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. It is part of a poem about a cheese. I searched for the complete poem but couldn't find it. Oh, well. The excerpt made me happy. I hope it makes you happy too:

Brie Ode: "Comparing Brie to the moon: Brie is often likened to the moon because it is so white, so large and round, and thin as men in bygone ages imagined the moon to be. An excerpt from the 17th Century ode by St. Amant, known in France as the poet of good living:

Brie alone deserves that we
Should record her praises in letters of gold.
Gold, I say, and with good reason
Since it is with gold that one must compare
This cheese to which I now pay homage.
It is yellow as the gold worshipped by man,
But without its anxiety
For one has only to press it with one's fingers
For it to split its sides with laughter
And run over with fat.
Why, then, is it not endless
As indeed its circular form is endless?
And why must its full moon, eternally appealing,
Wane to a crescent?"

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