Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Girls Just Want to Have Fun-size Candy

Fr. Zendejas planned a children's Christmas party for the Sunday before Christmas. It required stuffing several huge pinatas with treats. The day before the party, I drove Angela, Michelle, and Emma to the store where they embarked on a dream shopping trip to purchase the candy, filling a shopping cart to the brim and inspiring wonder in all the other shoppers.

I have always heard that sugar makes children hyper. I assumed that they had to eat it. Apparently this is not so, because Angela, Michelle, and Emma never opened a wrapper, yet they acted as if they had consumed the whole cartload before they ever reached the checkout.

Returning to the church hall to stuff the pinatas, their exuberance culminated in their scooping up a mound of candy and throwing it into the air, laughing hysterically as it rained down upon them. Then they cleaned it up.

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