Friday, December 18, 2009

Pecan-stuffed Chicken

In the last month the yolks of our hen's eggs darkened from medium yellow to deep orange. The deep orange yolk usually indicates a high level of carotene, something that changes with the quality of the grass they graze. In the spring, when the grass grows lush, the yolks are the darkest.

This time of year, our grass lies dormant. I wondered what caused the change in the yolks. I began to notice a lot of chickens scratching on the driveway near two pecan trees. Could they be picking out the pecans that smash underneath the wheels of passing vehicles?

Our recent rooster reduction confirmed my suspicions. Herb said that when he cut the roosters open, their crops bulged with pecans.

I love chickens.

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Anonymous said...

I love pecans! But I'll be glad to share them with your chickens...a pecan crusted chicken pot pie sounds real good! I think I'll look for a recipe.

Love and hugs,