Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Frolicsome Fiona Frightens Furry Friends, Falls into the Freezer of Emma's Affections

Yep. Monday, Emma was FURIOUS with Fiona for running toward the rabbits while kicking up her heels and otherwise carrying on like she had been drinking white lightning, which she had not, then pushing the rabbit cages with her big, slimy nose while the poor, frantic little bunnies raced all over their cage until one actually got his foot stuck and maybe broke it and now must drag it most pitifully, breaking Emma's heart.

Then last night Fiona fell asleep while Emma was milking her. Fiona's slow, rhythmic breathing made her appear baby-like, sweet and innocent and infinitely loveable. Emma was touched, and I think she began to forgive Fiona. Now if Fiona will be good today, I think Emma will sing to her again, and the old relationship can begin to be restored.

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