Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Installing a Stereo, Building Relationships

I had a date with my firstborn yesterday morning. We attended a Michael Buble concert in Nathaniel's truck without ever leaving the garage. The roar from the propane shop heater that blasted us through the open driver's door could not drown out the beautiful sound from Nathaniel's new stereo system.

He glowed with happiness and pride.

I was happy and proud too. Herb and Nathaniel had installed the stereo together.They even had to fabricate some parts with Herb's new drill press and band saw.
It took two days. They installed the speakers on Saturday
and the stereo on Sunday.
Stereo seems an inadequate word to describe this piece of electronics. I don't even understand all the things it does, so I took some pictures of the box. Maybe the product description will mean something to you.

Here's the speaker box with pretty pictures on it.

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