Sunday, January 3, 2010

New York Wardrobe Working Well

I talked to Emma and Nathaniel yesterday while they visited Niagara Falls with the choir group. It was snowing, but they both said they were warm. Emma voiced two exceptions: her hands and feet. We had bought her boots, but they are dress boots, not insulated. I think she is wearing socks over her Merino wool tights, but her feet were still cold. Herb had bought her gloves at REI, an outdoor outfitter, that would have kept her hands warm even if she had been buried in an avalanche. However, they were men's gloves, and Emma flatly rejected them. (They did look hideous.) She took my old black ones instead.

The pictures above do not include Emma's new mid-calf length down coat or the formal dress she took for the New Year's eve concert.

I didn't take any pictures of Nathaniel's clothes choices. He took two pairs of jeans, a sweater, a tuxedo, a leather jacket, hiking boots, and a parka. I am pleased that he is getting so much wear out of his tux. He wore it to Midnight Mass here, and he wore it to the New Year's eve concert and to Mass for the Feast of the Circumcision in Syracuse. He plans to wear it to Mass today also. That way he didn't have to pack a suit for the trip. And he looks soooo handsome in his tux. I tried to take his picture after Midnight Mass, but he refused.

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