Friday, January 15, 2010

Patterns in Weaving, Dancing, and Driving

Emma received word this week that it is time to come and choose a pattern for the District Check weaving workshop with Norman Kennedy so that the thread can be ordered. This week she also attended her first dance practice for the demo she is going to participate in for the Robert Burns Supper and Ball in Houston on January 23.

As we were driving to the dance practice she resumed the thread of a conversation we had several months ago as we wove in and out of interstate traffic. She said then that dancers make better drivers because they are trained to constantly adjust their position in relationship to the other dancers. In the renewed conversation she elaborated that she liked interstate driving and is good at it because it is very orderly. She admired the design of the infrastructure that facilitated this orderliness. I have never thought this way about driving. It interests me, though, to consider how our activities shape the way we see life.

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