Friday, February 5, 2010

Bling-bling 17

We celebrated Emma's birthday this morning before Herb went to work. We actually ate cake for breakfast.

Herb fastens the bracelet she received that matches her headband.

I told her that I was getting her main birthday present at Goodwill, and she believed me. "I was only worried that you might get me furniture (at Goodwill)," she confessed. She was completely and happily surprised by the contents of the little gold box: a pearl and diamond ring that no one had ever worn before. (She's used to being Second Hand Rose from Second Avenue.)

Nathaniel gave her a feathered headband that looked like the feathers could have come from some of her chickens.

And he gave her an "evening" blouse to go with the headband.

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Emily G. said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!

The presents are all so lovely. Did Nathaniel choose his gifts himself? If so, I am mightily impressed.