Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Goes Around, Comes Around or What I Did for LOVE

On Valentine's Day, Nathaniel surprised me by spelling "LOVE" with Scrabble tiles beside my place at the kitchen table. Yesterday while I was cooking his breakfast, I ended up with two half circles--a cheese omelet and an apple cinnamon soft taco. I couldn't resist putting them together and making a happy face, beaming with love for my beamish boy. It was my reply to his Valentine's message.

I used lettuce, raisins, a pecan, and some strawberry jelly to make the face. Then I set it at his place and lit a candle, just for over-the-top effect. It worked. He looked at it, shook his head, and said, "I'm going to McDonald's." Then he sat down and ate it, reassured that even though he is 18 and a half, his mommy still loves him.

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