Thursday, April 8, 2010

Together Again, Bicycling

Inspired by the fine spring weather, Emma and Nathaniel decided to go bike riding yesterday afternoon. I was so excited, because they went through a long period where they wouldn't do anything together, and now they seem to be re-discovering their old friendship. They're even planning a tent-camping trip together.

Nathaniel almost backed out of the bike ride, though, when Emma appeared in her bicycling costume. "Mom!" he groaned. "Make her take off that hat. It's embarrassing!"

"You have a hat on," Emma pointed out. She diplomatically avoided saying, "And I think it's hideous!"

Grumbling, he sauntered off to the garage to get the bikes. Of course, I tagged along to take pictures.

I took lots--several as he aired up Emma's back tire with the air compressor while she filled the front one with a bicycle pump and one with him on his bike, leaning forward over the handlebars with his hat and dark sunglasses on, ready to race off and leave Emma in the dust. He looked really cool.

The pictures came out so cute, but Nathaniel threatened to kill me if I put any of them on my blog. Reluctantly, I promised and cropped him out of all the pictures I had just taken. I especially hated to do it on the first picture above. That's the one where he was on his bike, leaning over the handlebars.


Quite cunningly, I made no promises about any bicycling pictures of him in my archives.


Emily G. said...

Tell Emma *I* think her bicycling costume is simply adorable. If I met her on the road I'd stop to ask for a photo. :)

I always biked in a dress or skirt, but I didn't have a cute hat. I had several favourite biking skirts. The next sister down from me and I rode hand me down bikes from cousins...there was a boy's bike and a girl's bike and somehow Bee, who always biked in PANTS, got the girl's bike. (What, you think I still sound jealous? Me?) I had to bicycle in a full skirt so it cleared the middle bar and didn't ride up my legs. Consequently I was always fishing it out of the chain. Regardless, I have only fond memories of biking with my siblings. (Well, except for the time my sister broker her leg and the time my brother broke his skull).

Wendy Haught said...

Thanks, Emily. I will tell her.

No, you don't sound jealous. Now that you are all grown up, I hope you get a girl's bike with a little trailer on the back for the babies.