Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Latest in Fashion Accessories for the Country Girl

Clip-on locusts. They're free, biodegradable, and add a lot of visual interest to an otherwise plain boot.

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Emily G. said...

Ah, rubber barn boots on sweaty legs. Those were the days. :) I like girls who are not silly about bugs.

How hot is hot here? Well, I was exaggerating a little bit when I said boiling lava hot. That will be July-August, when it is 95-105 with high humidity.

I know it is hotter where you are.

Right now, it's 86 with 80% humidity, no breeze, and beating sun. It's worse in the city with all the asphalt, concrete and bricks. My parents' house is better. We have shade trees here, but the height of our house and the placement of the trees make us unable to enjoy them.

I am just not a heat person, despite having grown up here in the Ohio river valley. I get wilty and tired when I'm at my best, and pregnancy just makes that happen faster. We are holding off on the a/c until it gets really unbearable.