Friday, July 23, 2010

My Kind of Indians

I bought two sheets of these new "Cowboys of the Silver Screen" postage stamps the other day. I'm not a cowboy movie fan, I just liked the artwork better on these than the other limited choices I was shown. That evening, I was reading William Bollaert's Texas, and he described how a group of his shipmates tried to take a small boat to shore, were capsized, had their clothes torn off by the fierceness of the waves, and after much struggling miraculously crawled onto the beach where they felt so desolated that they sat and wept. A band of Indians that had watched their travails sat down and wept with them for a half an hour.

It occurred to me that they were not the kind of Indians that make good cowboy movies.


Tom said...

"my Clothes I hate you, you sacrilegious wretches!
Sea you can have my hat
and black cravat
just give me back my Breeches!"

Wendy Haught said...

My word, Tom, where did you find such an interesting quote?